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If you are lost, feeling stuck, or seeking answers on your Spiritual Path, Sherry Lynn supports you by Channeling personalized guidance on your behalf. You are not alone. Experience the comfort and benefits as Sherry Lynn compassionately brings forth insight, guidance, and understanding. With grace, Sherry Lynn's Intuitive Readings in Simi Valley or by phone remind us of the Truth of who we are...


"Dear Sherry, yesterday's channeled guidance session with you was just wonderful, and I have to say that yes, you are incredibly clear and gifted, and I am simply amazed at the depth of your insight, but I also want to say that while you attribute it all to Spirit, your work is what it is because of who YOU are. You are simply so loving, caring, interested, nurturing, gentle and bright, that it makes working with you such a joy and so comfortable! I want to be sure you know this. I am so grateful to know you and be able to work with you. Thank you from the depths of my being."

D.N., Simi Valley, CA 



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"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."

                                                                   ~ Pierre Tielhard de Chardin