intuitive readings with sherrY lynn

$90 usd

8 One Hour Sessions  

  • 1 Quick QUESTION - No Appt Needed.

        (Submit your question via FB Messenger. I will spend about               10 minutes channeling your answer. You will receive your     

           guidance within 24 hrs, except weekends.)

$800 usd 

Donations welcome and appreciated. Thank You.

An intimate gathering where Sherry Lynn channels in a group

setting. Always amazed at how we're all connected! Come join us for a fun evening! Contact Sherry Lynn for upcoming dates in Simi Valley, CA.

Sherry Lynn gets to the heart of the matter. With compassion, she channels Spirit on your behalf, accessing personal messages and guidance for you. Sherry Lynn brings forth insight, answers and direction about what's going on in your life, and supports your connection with the Divine, thus helping you move forward on your path of Personal or Spiritual Growth.  Although Sherry Lynn does not believe in predicting the future, your Intuitive Reading with her may cover any area of concern you bring, including:

     * Feeling Stuck, at a Crossroads, Lost or Seeking Clarity

     * Support with your Personal and Spiritual Growth

     * Love, Love, Love!

     * Medical Intuition/Health Concerns (Not a health scan, rather she uses 

                  Medical Intuition to reveal messages in the body) 

     * Relationships (Family, Friends, Bosses, Ex's)

     * Starting or Growing your business, Career and any Work Challenges

     * Prosperity

Weekly Intuitive Support on your life journey. Empowering your Personal or Spiritual Growth. Receive personal guidance from Spirit as we explore beliefs that are holding you back and how to transcend them. Sessions bring forth insight on any barriers to your joy, love, prosperity, vibrant health, biz success, and Soul Purpose fulfillment. You are not alone...

​​All Services available by Phone, Facebook Messenger Phone, Zoom or In Person

(Value $600.You save $100)  

Intuitive life support packages

$76 usd/month

'OUR JOYFUL JOURNEY' Spiritual community

intuitive readings

$150 usd

$25 usd


4 One Hour Sessions  


An Intuitive Energy Healing session combines Energy Healing with Channeled Messages from your Body. I believe our bodies are our greatest teachers, instruments for the Divine to bring us messages. An Intuitive Energy Healing session includes an Intuitive Reading that accesses any messages in your body that your health concern is bringing you. Sometimes the emotional root cause of aches pains, discomfort and even disease may be revealed. If we are able to integrate the lesson or message, the problem may have served its purpose, and thus dissolves.  Although Energy Healing may heal or reduce dis-ease and discomfort, the health concern may remain or return if it serves a higher purpose in our Spiritual Growth. 

Although certified in Reiki Energy Healing, The Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, and
Reconnective Healing, Sherry Lynn uses her own unique energy healing method, presented to her by Spirit. Her friends and clients lovingly refer to this as "that thing you do." 


Intuitive Energy Healing is sent remotely, called long distance healing, during a session over the phone.

Disclaimer: This is not diagnosis, nor body scanning. Always consult with your professional health care provider first. This is supplemental only, not a replacement for medical care.


30 Minutes Intuitive Energy Healing            $120 usd

One Hour Intuitive Energy Healing              $200 usd

  Life With Spirit

spiritual gatherings

"When I find myself in the midst of my own transformation, God is there, loving me every step of the way, and reminding me to do the same."     ~ Sage Bennett, RScP, Agape Church

$200 usd


Intuitive Reading Rates::

$500 usd


  • 4 QUICK QUESTIONS/Month. Submit via FB Messenger

(Value $1200.You save $400)  

This is a heartfelt gathering place to love and support one another on our Spiritual Path. We are a loving Spiritual Community joyfully being mindful of Spirit's Presence in our daily lives. You don't have to go it alone anymore...

Come join us as we make friendships, laugh, share, grow, lighten up, celebrate and support each other. It's free. Check it out

intuitive energy healing With Messages from your body