"When I find myself in the midst of my own transformation, God is there, loving me every step of the way, and reminding me to do the same."     ~ Sage Bennett, RScP, Agape Church




'THRIVE!'  community


​​All Services and Programs available by Phone or Zoom


Your Intuitive Guidance session with Sherry Lynn gets to the heart of the matter!  With compassion, she channels Spirit on your behalf.  Sherry Lynn brings forth insight, answers and direction about what's going on in your life. For over 22 years, her connection with the Divine, has been gently guiding people on how to move forward on their path of Personal or Spiritual Growth.  Your Intuitive Guidance session with her may cover any area of concern that you bring, including:

     * Feeling Stuck, at a Crossroads, or Lost

     * Seeking Clarity or Validation

     * Starting or Growing your business

     * Career, Life Purpose and finding Fulfillment 

     * Uncovering Beliefs that Cause Blocks, Patterns and Anxiety

     * Support with your Personal and Spiritual Growth

     * Romance

     * All types of Relationships including with family, friends, bosses, ex's, etc.

     * Prosperity

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 This 2 month program is eight weekly One Hour Messages from Your Body sessions that and include Energy Healing as needed. This program is an in-depth approach to your healing.  It is customized to work with your individual aches, pains or illness. Each week we cover an important aspect. These will include Sherry Lynn accessing the messages in your body, channeling insight on the emotional root cause, uncovering any false beliefs that are catalysts for suffering, channeling guidance and direction from Spirit on how to addresss the messages, how to replace false beliefs and what specific actions to take to move forward. You will receive energy healing for your physical and emotional pain thrroughout the eight weeks, as well. This program includes emotional and intuitive support in between sessions, (M-F) via text/messenger to support your growth. 

Even though Energy Healing may heal or reduce dis-ease and discomfort, the  concern may remain or return if it serves a higher purpose in our Spiritual Growth.  If we are mindful to replace negative beliefs that are uncovered with healthy ones, and diligent to practice this new awareness, we are shown the way to move forward into freedom from struggle and suffering.


Although certified in Reiki Energy Healing, The Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics, and Reconnective Healing,.
Sherry Lynn uses her own unique energy healing method, presented to her by Spirit. This Intuitive Energy Healing is sent remotely, called long distance healing, during a session over the phone, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger.

Disclaimer: This is not diagnosis, nor body scanning. Always consult with your professional health care provider first before scheduling with Sherry Lynn. This is supplemental only, not a replacement for medical care.



During a One Hour Session, Sherry Lynn will access the messages from your body.  

Our bodies are our greatest teachers. They carry the messsages to help us heal our Body, Mind and Spirit. When we listen, we are shown the way to free ourselves from suffering, struggle and negative patterns that are running our lives. 

When it is Divine Time, our emotional wounds bubble up to the surface to be healed. Sometimes they show up in physical discomfort or disease. Other times, to get out attention, they show up as anxiety or panic attacks. If we are able hear the lesson or message, and act on the guidance, the challenge will have served its purpose, and thus healing begins. 

THRIVE! program

  • THRIVE! 4 Week Program


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​            One Hour Initial Consultation (without energy healing)


$2700 USD


  • ​Accessing Messages from your Body's Physical Aches, Pains, or illness 
  • Uncovering the emotional root cause
  • Discover what your body is trying to tell you

$150 USD




                       WITH ENERGY HEALING 

​                         8 One Hour Sessions.


This is a heartfelt gathering place to love and support one another on our Spiritual Path. We are a loving Spiritual Community joyfully being mindful of Spirit's Presence in our daily lives. You don't have to go it alone anymore...

Come join us as we make friendships, laugh, share, grow, lighten up, celebrate and support each other. It's free. Check it out:


$2000 USD

intuitive Guidance


  Sherry Lynn


$200 USD

spiritual gatherings

*Disclaimer: Sherry Lynn does not promise any help, cure or diagnosis, and her services are not intended to be a replacement for licensed professional medical care.Please seek and follow the advice of your doctors for all medical treatments and for any and all mental health, physical health and emotional health problems. Please see your doctor or health care practitioner first. By choosing to receive any of Sherry Lynn’s services, you acknowledge full responsibility for your own experience and any outcomes. You assume any and all risks associated with services and agree to hold harmless Sherry Lynn from any claims, demands, causes of action, liability, loss, damage, and/or injury that may occur out of the result of the use of Sherry Lynn’s services.

$924 USD

Nurturing you to align with your authentic life so you may thrive! This  Program is for you if:

  • You are struggling
  • Feeling stuck or lost
  • Sick and tired of life not working
  • Ready to break free of frustrating patterns and blocks
  • Eager to let go of lack and limitation
  • Seeking  guidance, directio, answers or clarity from The Divine
  • Ready and willing to make changes on what's been holding you back 
  • Drawn to create or deepen your Spiritual practice
  • Would love compassionate, nurturing support 
  • Are ready to start thriving!

 Sherry Lynn will channel insight and understanding of the emotional root causes of any struggles, and bring forth personal guidance and direction on how to break free and align with your authentic life, so you may thrive!

Every week of your program you will receive a One Hour Intuitive Guidance session, plus emotional support and intuitive guidance during the week (M-F) via text/messenger, in between sessions to support your growth.

You may choose between an in-depth Three Month Program with 12 weekly private One Hour Intuitive Guidance sessions, or the condensed Four Week Program with 4 weekly private One Hour Intuitive Guidance sessions. 

Together we will customize an approach that resonates with you. Guided by The Divine, we'll know what to focus on each week, at a pace that works for you. Sherry Lynn will start by channeling guidance on what is actually causing your challenges. Wouldn't it be nice to finally know?! She will access insight on any areas of concern, such as well-being, prosperity, relationships, fears, health challenges, sharing your gifts, finding your calling, business success, spiritual practice, self love, having joy and peace of mind, etc. Let's get to the heart of the matter and relieve your suffering! Sherry Lynn will bring forth specific steps you can take to release and let go of that which no longer serves, followed by specific guided direction on how feel empowered to finally move forward with clarity.  

 You are meant to thrive and be happy!

Join me in nurturing and supporting YOU...You deserve it!